Welcome to Chain Link Cyclists!!!

There has never been a better time to start cycling – saving gas $$, getting fit, seeing the sights and making friends all at the same time!

Chain Link Cyclists is a not-for-profit group of cycling enthusiasts in the Freeport, Illinois area whose purpose is to promote the personal enjoyment of bicycling by its members and the cycling public. We all love cycling, and feel fortunate to live in one of the country’s best cycling areas. Although many of us have been riding for years, 2004 was the first year we’ve organized into a club, with membership (see link to registration), a website, and most importantly, a ride calendar. The club promotes fitness, friendship, safety and competence in cycling.

We offer rides for those who like to ride roads and those who prefer off-road or trails, fast and challenging rides or leisurely and social. All our rides have one common element – FUN!

Check the website calendar for some great rides, starting each year out with our New Year’s Day ride on January 1st.

          The club is composed of cyclists of every level imaginable. With the exception of the Tuesday night “Bump’n’Jam” rides (which tend to be a little more aggressive), the rides tend to be fairly leisurely, and the policy is to not leave anyone behind! You are all invited to join us for the rides and social events!

          The calendar lists weekly rides on the new Jane Addams trail which starts north of Freeport and presently ends in the town of Belleville, WI, about 50 miles away (you do need a trail pass to ride the WI trails). We think this is a great way for folks new to cycling to get started riding with a group—so check the calendar for Tyger’s Trail Rides on Tuesdays.

          The Monday rides are another great way to ride with others at an easy pace (about 9 mph) and on some flatter less challenging roads. The season starts with 15-mile rides, and then works up to 30-50 later in the season.

          Sunday morning rides are a bit more fitness oriented. The season starts with 30-mile rides, and then works up to 50-60 later in the season. We start these rides at Highland College and head out into the wind, so that we are (usually) assured of a great push home. Plus, we know all the best hot chocolate and snack stops in the 4 counties that make up NW Illinois.

          Become a member for only $10/yr ($20 for a family!) and be prepared to develop some great friendships!

          We now have our very own club logo clothing too, so you can dress in style when you ride!

     If you have questions, my email address is jillyfish@gosgi.com. We hope to see you all on the road this year!



Jilly Whiting

2008 President, Chain Link Cyclist NFP